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March, 2012

Digital Pathology from Aperio

We are delighted to announce the appointment by Aperio as their distributor throughout Australia and New Zealand. Aperio is the leading manufacuturer of slide scanner and digital pathology systems. With over 900 systems installed worldwide, they are the undisputed leader.

They have a variety of products for both healthcare (hospitals) and life sciences (research and pharma/biotech), with applications including remote consultations, telepathology, archival and retrieval, research and image analysis and diagnostic tests.

Super Resolution Microscopy System now on Demonstration in Brisbane

Nikon offer two systems for Super Resolution Imaging. Both systems will be on demonstration in Brisbane during March and April. The N-SIM system acquires images with a time resolution of 0.6sec/frame. The N-STORM system provides dramatically enhanced resolution that is 10 times or better than that of conventional optical microscopes extending the role of the optical microscope to near molecular level resolution. Contact Kieren or Paul to arrange to view the system and try your samples.

Macrozoom Microscope - Confocal Ready

The AZ100 offers a new concept in zoom microscopes covering a wide range of magnifications from 5x to 400x, all in a single nosepiece. Expand from macro to micro observation of the same specimen combining the advantages of a stereo microscope with wide field of view and long working distance - and a biological microscope with high magnification high resolution capability.

The Nikon AZ100 series is truly the most versatile and innovative microscope system available today providing ground breaking solutions for modern microscopists.

New 588nm Compact Solid State Laser

The new Sapphire 588 LP lasers offer orange output which is particularly well matched for exciting a number of fluorescent dyes used in life sciences. Sapphire 588 LP features output powers of up to 100mW at 588nm, high pointing stability and low noise. Other wavelengths available in the Sapphire range are 458nm, 460nm, 488nm, 514nm, 532nm, 552nm, 561nm and 568nm.

New 2012 Semrock Catalogue

Semrock has released its new 108-page, full-colour, 2012 Master Catalogue of optical filters and related products. This catalogue contains updated Technical and Product Notes along with over seventy new thin-film filters for fluorescence microscopy and measurements, as well as many improved versions of existing optical filters and sets. The catalogue can be downloaded from any of the optical filters pages on our website.

New Compact Solid State 514nm and 552nm Lasers

The OBIS range of lasers from Coherent is a family of smart lasers with output wavelengths from the UV to the Near IR with plug-and- play simplicity. Featuring the same footprint and beam propagation for all OBIS lasers, swapping to new wavelengths as your requirements change is straightforward. Two new lasers are now available in the OBIS range; 514nm (20mW) and 552nm (20mW).

Schott LED Illuminator for Stereomicroscopy

The KL 1500 LED was developed for standard and high end applications using microscopes with a parallel light path ("Galileo" type).

Its special optics couple light generated by a total of 7 High brightness LED's (each 3W) into a glass fibre bundle with a maximum diameter of 9mm. The luminous spot at the light guide end remains homogenous and the luminour flux is comparable with a 150W halogen lamp (currently this is unique).

For the month of April we are offering the following special:
Schott KL1500 LED with bifurcated light guide - $1650 plus GST
Schott KL1500 LED with annular ring light - $2250 plus GST

Discounted TMC Optical Table - Ready for Immediate Delivery

Optical table at bargain price for immediate delivery! We are currently holding a new TMC optical table that is surplus to our customer’s requirements.

The table top is 1.5m x 1.5m x 200mm with metric holes and a rigid support frame. Price is $5,990 (ex GST) plus local delivery charges. This represents a discount of 25% from new pricing.

The table is currently in storage in Sydney and is available for immediate delivery.

Please contact us for full details or a formal quote.

Eppendorf PiezoXpert® Micromanipulator

The Eppendorf PiezoXpert® provides piezo-assisted micromanipulation, enabling simple penetration in cells for microinjection or micromanipulation.

Penetration of the cell membranes is supported by piezo impulses which are directly transferred to the capillary without loss. Piezo-assisted micromanipulation improves the results of a host of applications including transfer of embryonic or induced pluripotent stem cells into blastocysts, mouse ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) and enucleation/nuclear transfer.


Ben Hibbs
Laser Microscopy - VIC
(0417) 117 881 Email
Brad Hope
Laser Microscopy - WA
(0402) 956 881 Email
Andrew Marshall
Laser Microscopy - NT, SA, TAS
(0418) 833 855 Email
Andrew Masters
(0439) 819 095 Email
Dr Robert Woolley
Microscopy Applications Specialist
(021) 288 8636 Email

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