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May 2013

Technical Sales : Physical Sciences

We are seeking an energetic individual to take responsibility for a range of technically advanced equipment including lasers, spectrometers and a variety of test and measurement equipment. The position is based in our Adelaide office. Full details are available on our website.

You will receive thorough training and support and will have ample opportunity to advance your career within the company, according to your capabilities and interests.

If you believe you have the capabilities to fill this role, then please send your CV and an application letter addressing the selection criteria to Teresa Rosenzweig. Applications close Friday 24 May 2013.

New Intensified Camera

Princeton Instruments has launched a unique emICCD technology, available exclusively in their PI-MAX®4 camera platform. For the first time ever, one camera combines the advantages of image intensifiers (subnanosecond exposure times) and the benefits of EMCCDs (linear gain and high quantum efficiency) to provide single-photon sensitivity and fully quantitative performance.

For more than three decades, Princeton Instruments ICCD cameras have been the industry standard for time-resolved imaging and spectroscopy applications. The recently introduced PI-MAX4 series of cameras, offers advanced capabilities such as <500 picosecond gating, very high repetition rates, RF modulation, and complete control via the LightField® software platform with an oscilloscope-like user interface.

Traditional intensified cameras, the workhorses of ultrashort, time-resolved applications, are limited by nonlinearity due to microchannel plate (MCP) saturation as well as an inability to distinguish single photons. Alternatively, EMCCD cameras, which have become the main tools for low-light applications, lack ultrashort gating capabilities. By combining these two key technologies for the first time, Princeton has created unique emICCD cameras that are free of the aforementioned limitations, allowing researchers in combustion, ultra-low-light imaging, quantum optics, and time-resolved imaging and spectroscopy to design experiments hitherto not possible.

Lake Shore Introduce THz Materials Characterisation System

Lake Shore has announced a novel Terahertz materials characterisation platform.

THz frequencies align with many materials properties such as plasmon resonances, magnetic resonances, superconducting band gaps, Zeeman splitting, phonon interaction, carrier lifetimes and cyclotron modes.

A continuous wave variable frequency THz source, coupled to Lake Shore's variable temperature cryostat and 9T superconducting magnet platform enables non-contact interrogations of thin film superconductors, high mobility semiconductors, organic electronics and magnetic materials.

Introducing New Signal Generators from Stanford

The SG380 Series RF Signal Generators use a unique, innovative architecture (Rational Approximation Frequency Synthesis) to deliver ultra-high frequency resolution (1µHz), excellent phase noise, and versatile modulation capabilities (AM, FM, ØM, pulse modulation and sweeps) at a fraction of the cost of competing designs. The standard models produce sine waves from DC to 2.025GHz (SG382), 4.05GHz (SG384) and 6.075GHz (SG386).

Three new SG390 RF Signal Generators, with carrier frequencies from DC to 2.025GHz, 4.050GHz and 6.075GHz, support both analog and vector modulation. The instruments utilise a new RF synthesis technique which provides spur free outputs with low phase noise (–116dBc/Hz at 1GHz) and extraordinary frequency resolution (1μHz at any frequency). Both analog modulation and vector baseband generators are included as standard features.


Dr Paul Wardill
(08) 8150 5279 (0419) 810 220 Email

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Jeshua Graham
(08) 8150 5254 (0488) 177 540 Email
Christian Gow
Applications Specialist
(07) 3345 9556 (0408) 617 243 Email
Andrew Masters
(0439) 819 095 Email

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