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IVF Demo System

We currently have a turn-key ICSI system touring the country based on Nikon's brand new Ti2 platform and the new advanced Narishige 'Takanome' manipulators. The system includes Hoffman modulation contrast with 10, 20 & 40x resolution lenses, new Tokai Hit TPi series thermal plate, the new advanced 'Takanome' manipulator set from Narishige and their fantastic IM-11-2 air injectors that allow users to adjust between oil and air feel.

The demonstration schedule is nearly fully booked so please contact Brad Hope as soon as possible if you would like to trial this system in your laboratory, and access to our special pricing promotion.

Bespoke 340/380nm LED Illumination for Fura-2 Calcium Imaging

CoolLED will soon launch a fast controllable LED illumination system for ratiometric calcium imaging - the pE-340fura. The new system addresses the issue associated with old style illumination systems, which have been limited to milliseconds due to mechanical switching of wavelengths in the arc lamp and monochromator system. By utilising the intrinsic microsecond switching speeds of LED technology, individual synaptically-driven calcium events in hippocampal neurons have been resolved.

Read more about this exciting new development in CoolLED's press release.

New H139 Extended Travel Stage

Offering precise movement (repeatability 0.7┬Ám) in the X and Y axis (280 x 80mm), the new H139 stage from Prior Scientific is the perfect tool for labs tasked with precise microscopic examination of larger numbers of microplates or microscope slides, and gives users a uniquely powerful combination of precision, speed and convenience.

Designed for use with the Nikon Ti2-E, the H139 allows users to conduct two live cell imaging experiments in microplates at the same time, allowing more efficient use of imaging centre resources. Download the datasheet.

Nanoliter Injector with Smartouch Controller

The new MICRO2T high resolution SMARTouchTM touch screen controller from WPI provides an "intelligent" and easy-to-use interface to operate one or two Nanoliter Injectors independently or synchronously. The control screen graphically displays the delivered or remaining volume in your Nanoliter 2010 Injector, along with pertinent injection information. From this screen, you can run the pump(s) manually or automatically, change the direction of the pump or access the configuration screen. Download the datasheet to learn more or contact Tim Watts.

New Water Immersion Dispenser

Nikon is pleased to announce the release of their new water immersion dispenser for water immersion objectives to aid with long-term imaging in their new Ti2-E research microscope.

The new water immersion dispenser eliminates the problem of the immersion water in the objective evaporating. It supplies immersion water in conjunction with the scheduled nosepiece escape motion and thus maintains the proper immersion volume at the tip of the objective lens for a long time. Contact Brad Hope for more information.


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