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February 2015

NEW BioAFM Turbocharges Inverted Optical Microscopes

Offering perfect integration of AFM and optical microscopy, the newly released BioScope ResolveTM atomic force microscope (AFM) has been specifically designed for the biologist looking to understand morphology and 3D topography of cells. The BioScope Resolve microscope seemlessly integrates with all major inverted optical microscopes. Focusing on ease-of-use and faster time to data, the Resolve also features Bruker's latest innovations in PeakForce TappingTM and PeakForce QNMTM to offer the highest resolution bioAFM imaging and most extensive quantitative property measurements - all while operating on an inverted optical microscope.

Right : ScanAsyst imaging of live MDCK cells revealing the presence of microvilli on the cell surface. AFM images courtesy of Dr. Hermann Schillers, University of Muenster. SEM image of MBCK cells shown at 2400x magnification.

Join a webinar on Thursday 19 February to learn the significant advancements of the BioScope Resolve and how it enables researchers to routinely visualise nanoscale structures, such as microvilli, on the membrane surface of living cells; as well as obtain submolecular resolution of the DNA double helix and membrane proteins, such as bacteriorhodopsin.

The Flagship Nikon A1R+ : The Fastest and Most Sensitive Confocal Microscope
Demonstration Available

The A1R+ is Nikon's flagship confocal microscope. Featuring a unique hybrid scan head incorporating both an ultra-high speed resonant scanner and a high resolution galvano scanner coupled with high sensitivity GaAsP detectors. The Nikon A1R+ confocal system delivers high quality confocal images,  captured at ultra-high speed and enhanced sensitivity making the A1R+ an incredibly powerful imaging instrument for applications including, but not limited too, imaging and visualisation of intracellular dynamics and interaction.

To understand how the Nikon A1R+ instrument can help drive your research results, please contact Andrew Masters to arrange a demonstration in your facility.

Ex-Demonstration Microscope for Sale, Reduced Price

The Nikon Eclipse Ci-E is a laboratory grade microscope equipped with LED lighting, ceramic surface stage and polarisation attachments. An ergonomic tube capable of camera integration is provided. The motorised nosepiece and condenser make this microscope ideal for use by RSI sufferers or those working with constant and numerous magnification change. The Ci-E also features Auto Light Intensity Reproduction where the user defined light intensity for each objective is automatically memorised and replicated when the objective is used again. Four High end Plan Fluor (Semi-Apochromat) objectives 4x/10x/40x/100x oil complete the set. Additional objectives may be added and Epi-fluorescence may be attached. Read more online or contact us today.

The Ci-E will be on display on our booth at Pathology Update, at the Melbourne Convention centre 27 February - 1 March 2015.

NEW Microfluidic Pump from WPI

New from WPI, the Cellix microfluidic line is complete and flexible, offering a broad range of biochip and accessories, along with three different microfluidic pumps and complete systems.

By operating under continuous blood flow conditions, the Cellix platform simulates the human environment providing reseachers with powerful data far beyond that available via the static conditions of a petri dish hefore advancing to costly animal trials. By using the Cellix solution, false leads can be elimindated earlier in the process, increasing the success rate of clinical trials.

Read more online or view WPI's flip-book catalogue online (pg 188).


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