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Bruker BioScope Resolve AFM

Bruker BioScope Resolve AFM

Bruker BioScope Resolve AFM

BioAFM with highest resolution and most complete biomechanics

Bruker NanoSurfaces

BioScope Resolve features the highest resolution imaging, most complete biomechanics capabilities, and fastest scanning of any bioAFM available. Specifically designed for integration onto inverted optical light and confocal microscopes, it enables investigation of a wide range of biological samples, from cells and tissues to molecular and protein structures. The New MIRAViewTM interface provides unique data sets by combining AFM biomechanics datas with real-time confocal and fluorescence microscopy.

Only Bruker's exclusive PeakForce Tapping provides biologists a unique combination of the highest resolution imaging, the most quantitative property mapping data, and the easiest to use imaging on the softest of biological samples.

PeakForce QNM provides:

  • The fastest and highest resolution mechanical mapping of whole live cells
  • Quantitative mapping of mechanical, chemical and biological interactions
  • Sub-molecular AFM imaging with the fastest quantitative mapping of mechanical, chemical and biological interactions

ScanAsyst-Cell delivers:

  • Consistent, expert-quality results for AFM users of all experience levels
  • More routine high-resolution live-cell imaging that any other AFM mode

BioScope Resolve is designed to take full advantage of PeakForce Tapping to deliver a more complete approach to biological investigation, allowing researchers, for the first time, to combine optical and (sub) molecular AFM imaging with the fastest property mapping.

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