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Bruker Dimension AFP

Bruker Dimension AFP

Automated atomic force profiling for chemical mechanical planarisation and etch metrology at 65nm

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The Dimension AFP is the world’s only fab-based metrology tool specifically designed for both CMP profiling and etch depth metrology for current and advanced technology nodes. The system combines the superb resolution of an AFM with the long-scan capability of an atomic force profiler to monitor etch depth and dishing and erosion on submicron features with unsurpassed repeatability. Replacing costly wafer cross-sectioning, the Dimension AFP offers the highest performance available for device characterisation.

Features & Benefits

  • Combines the outstanding resolution of an atomic force microscope with the long-scan capability of an atomic force profiler
  • Delivers the fastest throughput of any AFM or profiler
  • Unsurpassed repeatability for in-line STI, W, Cu and CMP metrology
  • Replaces costly, destructive cross-sectioning techniques, reducing etch measurement turnaround from days to minutes
  • Exclusive TappingModeâ„¢ operation enables nondestructive measurement of high-aspect-ratio features




  • CMP process characterisation (CU, W, STI dielectric, poly)
  • Industry-leading repeatability for CMP and etch depth metrology
  • Profiling and high-aspect-ratio depth measurements in a single platform
  • Applications in semiconductor, data storage, and LED industries
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