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WPI EVOM2 Epithelial Voltohmmeter

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WPI EVOM2 Epithelial Voltohmmeter

WPI EVOM2 Epithelial Voltohmmeter

Non-destructively test for epithelial monolayer confluence in 2D cell cutures

World Precision Instruments

The EVOM was the first instrument designed specifically to perform routine TEER measurement in tissue culture research. EVOM2 is the next generation, redesigned for ease of use. The EVOM2 not only qualitatively measures cell monlayer health, but also quantitatively measures cellular confluence. The uniqe electronic circuit of the EVOM2 and the included STX2 electrode detect the confluence of the cellular monolayer. When combined with WPI's endohm chamber, the EVOM2 can also be used to perform more accurate quantitative measurement or lower resistance masurements like trans endothelial electrical resistance measurements.

  • Measures trans-epithelial ekectrical resistance or trans-epithelial voltage
  • Compatible with 12 or 24 well culture plate systems out of the box
  • Includes industry standard STX2 hand held "chopstick" electrodes
  • Analog output for recording resistance or voltage measurements
  • Auto ranging from 0-10kOhm
  • Battery powered
  • Manual TEER measurement of epithelial cells in 6, 12, 24 or 96 well plates
  • BNC output for data acquisition system
  • Compatible with EndOhm chambers

The isolated power source of the EVOM2 was specifically designed to avoid adverse effects on tissue and the formation of electrode metal deposits, even when it is plugged into a standard wall outlet. Now, the EVOM2 is always on when you need it. In additon, its rechareable battery allows up to 10 hours of mobile use. The four and a half digit readout provides a range of 1-9,999 ohms. The included test electrode lets you calibrate the resistance measurements for an accurate reading every time, and the voltage meter never needs calibration. An analog BNC output is standard with the EVOM2, providing an output port for recording data or remote display of the EVOM2 output.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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