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WPI MTM Motorised Stereotaxic Frame

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WPI MTM Motorised Stereotaxic Frame

WPI MTM Motorised Stereotaxic Frame

Automatically calculates coordinates and accurately places the probe

World Precision Instruments

When precision and repeatability are critical, the MTM-3 Motorised Stereotaxic Frame outperforms manual stereotaxic frame models, and it greatly reduces human error when performing routine stereotaxic surgery. The motorised axes of the MTM-3 provide precise, controller, 3-dimensional placement of any probe or accessory within the working space of a stereotaxic frame. No computer is required.


  • Accurate microstepping motor drive for high resolution placement
  • Increased precision and repeatability of motion over traditional, manual stereotaxic frames
  • No more error resulting from reading Vernier scales
  • Brain atlas coordinates may be input into the controller, with no computer required
  • Coordinate distances are automatically calculated
  • Touch screen controller for easy, intuitive control with better than 10 μm precision
  • Graphic controller display for instant operational feedback
  • Hand controller for complete manual control

The MTM-3 arm supplier with WPI stereotaxic frames is also compatible with standard stereotaxic frames and may be adapter to existing frames of other manufacturers. Dual manipulator arm motorised systems are also available. This allows you to mount a stereotaxic drill and a probe simultaneously. WPI also provide stereotaxic drills, probes and other equipment for stereotaxic surgery.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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