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WPI Programmable Syringe Pump

WPI Programmable Syringe Pump

Programmable, economical, versatile

World Precision Instruments

Two Aladdin pumps from WPI, when daisy-chained, are more efficient and affordable than any other dual syringe pump on the market. Two Aladdins (Al-2000) will perform as a dual infusion/withdrawal pump, a double pump for infusing at different rates, a push/pull pump with one infusing and one withdrawing at the same or different rates, two independent pumps, or a master/slave pump. One Aladdin can even control the second for continuous pumping with optional check valve set.Up to 100 pumps can be daisy-chained together via RS232 network.


  • AL-1000 syringe pump accepts plastic syringes up to 60mL and selected glass micro syringes from 0.5 - 500µL
  • Infuse/Withdraw pump
  • Programmable, economical, versatile
  • Up to 100 pumps can be daisy-chained together via RS232 network

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

Accepts syringe sizes1-60ml or 0.5 - 5µl
Number of syringes12
Pumping rates1699ml/hr (60ml syringe) to0.73µl/hr with 1ml syringe


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