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WPI Pump Overview

WPI Pump Overview

Choosing the correct pump

World Precision Instruments

WPI offer a wide variety of fluid handling tools utilising three different technologies:

  • peristaltic pumps
  • syringe pumps
  • pneumatic injectors

The range of applications and the criteria used to select a particular pump or injector is broad and complex. Click on the Models tab for a summary of all the pumps available or contact Tim Watts for assistance. Or click to go to WPI's website for further reading on the range of pumps available.

Part NumberPump TypeFluid RangeNumber of ChannelsSpecial Features
Peripro-2HSPeristaltic3.5-280ml/min with supplied #17 tubing2Calibrated output
Replaceable tubing cartridges
Peripro-4HSPeristaltic3.5-280ml/min with supplied #17 tubing4Calibrated output
Replaceable tubing cartridges
Peripro-4LSPeristaltic0.2-18ml/min with supplied #14 tubing4Calibrated output
Replaceable tubing cartridges
Peripro-8LSPeristaltic0.2-28ml/min with supplied #17 tubing8Calibrated output
Replaceable tubing cartridges
MityFlexPeristaltic1.7-800 ml/min1High volume
MINISTARPeristaltic0.06-2.6ml/min with 1mm tubing
0.35-14ml/min with 2.4mm tubing
1Compact design, remote control
AL-2000Syringe0.000073-1699ml/hr2Push/pull (networked pumps)
SP100iSyringe0.0001-519ml/min1Basic 1 channel
SP101iSyringe0.001µl/hr-35ml/min2Micro Dialysis application
SP200iSyringe0.001µl/hr-145ml/min2RS232 TTL/Footswitch
SP220iSyringe0.001µl/hr-21ml/min10RS232 Infuse Only
SP250iSyringe0.001µl/hr-21ml/min4RS232 Infuse Only
SP210iwSyringe0.001µl/hr-145ml/min2RS232 Infuse/Withdraw
SP230iwSyringe0.001µl/hr-21ml/min10RS232 Infuse/Withdraw
SP120pSyringe0.1µl/hr-127ml/hr1+1Push/pull, single cycle
SP260pSyringe0.001µl/hr-86ml/min2+2RS232 push pull, single cycle
SP210cSyringe0.001µl/hr-86ml/min2+2RS232 push pull, continuous
VSP1Syringe0.1-600ml/hr1Safety features include 2h battery operation
UMP3Syringe0.03nl/min - 10µl/sec1Ultra Micro Infuse/Withdraw
MMPSyringeManual 100µl-1ml syringe1Manual
DMPSyringeManual 100µl-1ml syringe1Digital readout micrometer
PV820PneumaticBolus/Continuous Pressure, Duration and Pipette Dependent1Injection pressure and holding pressure
PV830PenumaticBolus/Continuous Pressure, Duration and Pipette Dependent1Injection pressure and holding pressure and vacuum

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