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WPI SPLG Series Syringe Pumps

WPI SPLG Series Syringe Pumps

WPI SPLG Series Syringe Pumps

Syringe pumps for reliable delivery with the ease of a touch screen

World Precision Instruments

The large touch screen color display lets you see all of the pump’s operating parameters to ensure proper operation during the experiments. Syringe size and flow rate are easily displayed, as well as the volume delivered and elapsed time. Set up is easy using the icon-driven software. An LED on the front panel makes it easy to see if the pump is running.



  • Automatic dispensing of small volumes
  • Very precise flow rate control
  • Hands free operation with foot pedal
  • Better flow performance with accuracy +/-0.35%


Advanced micro stepping techniques are employed to further reduce the step angle to eliminate flow pulsation. Accuracy is ±0.5%. A wide dynamic flow range from picolitres per minute to millimetres per minute can be programmed into the pump. These versatile pumps can be connected through an RS485 interface. Add the new Adagio software to maximise the use of the pump’s functions and features. Adagio allows you to configure the pump through the software, as well as operate one or multiple pumps. LabVIEW drivers are available on the National Instruments website.

The SPLG100 was the first single-syringe infusion-only pump with a touchscreen interface. The SPLG100 has a wide flow rate range from 1.26pL/min to 88.32mL/min, depending on syringe size. It accommodates a single syringe from 0.5µL to 60mL. Any type of syringe, including glass, plastic or stainless steel, are held securely in place.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

Model SPLG200 SPGL210 SPGL212 SPGL270 SPGL272
Mode Infusion Infuse/Withdrawal Infuse/Withdrawal
Push-pull Push-pull
Syringes (min/max) 0.5µl/140ml
Flow rate min (0.5µl) 5pl/min 0.5pl/min
Flow rate max (140ml) 220.97ml/min
Display 4.3" WQVGA TFT Colour display with touch pad
Model SPLG100 SPLG101 SPLG110
Mode Infuse Infuse Infuse/Withdrawal
0.5µl - 60ml 0.5µl - 10ml 0.5µl - 60ml
Flow rate min
1.26 pl/min
Flow rate max 88.32 ml/min 25.99 ml/min 88.28 ml/min



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