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Stanford SR570 Low-noise Current Preamplifier

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Stanford SR570 Low-noise Current Preamplifier

Stanford Research Systems

The SR570 is a low-noise current preamplifier capable of current gains as large as 1pA/V. High gain and bandwidth, low noise, and many conventional features make the SR570 ideal for a variety of photonic, low temperature and other measurements.


  • 5fA/√Hz input noise
  • 1MHz maximum bandwidth
  • 1pA/V maximum gain
  • Adjustable bias voltage
  • Two configurable signal filters
  • Variable input offset current
  • Line or battery operation
  • RS232 interface

The SR570 has sensitivity settings from 1pA/V to 1mA/V that can be selected in a 1-2-5 sequence. A vernier gain adjustment is also provided that lets you select any sensitivity in between.

Gain can be allocated to various stages of the amplifier to optimise the instruments performance. The low noise mode places gain in the front end of the amplifier for the best noise performance. The high bandwidth mode allocates gain to the later stages of the amplifier to improve the frequency reponse of the front end. In the low drift mode, the input amplifier is replaced with a very low input-current op amp, reducing the instrument's DC drift by up to a factor of 1000.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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