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Stanford SR560 Low-noise Voltage Preamplifier

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Stanford SR560 Low-noise Voltage Preamplifier

Stanford Research Systems

The SR560 from Stanford Research Systems is a high-performance, low-noise preamplifier that is ideal for a wide variety of applications including low-temperature measurements, optical detection and audio engineering.


  • 4nV/√Hz input noise
  • 1MHz bandwidth
  • Variable gain from 1 to 50,000
  • AC or DC coupled
  • Two configurable signal filters
  • Differential and single-ended inputs
  • Line or battery operation
  • RS232 interface

The SR560 has a differential front end with 4nV/√Hz input noise and an input impedence of 100MΩ. The SR560's inputs are fully floating (BNC shields are not connected to chassis ground). Both the amplifier ground and the chassis ground are available on the read panel for flexibility in grounding the instrument. Input offset mulling is accomplished by a front-panel potentiometer, accessible with a small screwdriver.

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     SR560 datasheet                                           Read more on Stanford's website