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Stanford SIM Series Small Instrumentation Modules

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Stanford SIM Series Small Instrumentation Modules

Stanford Research Systems

SIM - Small Instrumentation Modules - is a compact test and measurement platform for a wide range of applications. Unlike other modular systems, SIM offers complete front-panel as well as remote operation, allowing you to choose between manual and computer control. Up to eight instruments share the same mainframe which provides power, clock synchronisation, communications and module status. For additional versatility, you can cascade mainframes or other RS232 instruments, and even operate modules outside the mainframe.

With SIM, you configure precision measurement and control systems, achieving the exact functionality you need while avoiding the cost of unnecessary features.

The following modules are available:

  • SIM910 JFET Voltage Preamplifier
  • SIM911 BJT Voltage Preamplifier
  • SIM914 350MHz Preamplifier
  • SIM918 Precision Current Preamplifier 
  • SM921 AC Resistance Bridge
  • SIM922 Diode Temperature Monitor
  • SIM923 Pt RTD Temperature Monitors  
  • SIM922A Temperature Monitor
  • SIM923A Temperature Monitor
  • SIM925 Octal Four-Wire Multiplexer  
  • SIM928 Isolated Voltage Source 
  • SIM940 Rubidium Frequency Standard
  • SIM954 300MHz Inverting Amplifier
  • SIM960 Analog PID Controller
  • SIM964 Analog Limiter
  • SIM965 Analog Filter  
  • SIM970 Quad Digital Voltmeter
  • SIM980 Summing Amplifier  
  • SIM983 Scaling Amplifier
  • SIM9B1 Blank Single-wide SIM Module
  • SIM9B2 Blank Double-Wide SIM Module

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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