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Lake Shore 325 Cryogenic Temperature Controller

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Lake Shore 325 Cryogenic Temperature Controller


The Model 325 dual-channel cryogenic temperature controller from Lake Shore is capable of supporting nearly any diode, RTD, or thermocouple temperature sensor. Two independent PID control loops with heater outputs of 25W and 2W are configured to drive either a 50Ohm or 25Ohm load for optimal cryocooler control flexibility. Designed with ease of use, functionality, and value in mind, the Model 325 is ideal for general-purpose laboratory and industrial temperature measurement and control applications.


  • Operates down to 1.2K with appropriate sensors
  • Two sensor inputs
  • Supports diode, RTD, and thermocouple sensors
  • Sensor excitation current reversal eliminates thermal EMF errors for resistance sensors
  • Two autotuning control loops: 25W and 2W maximum
  • Control loop 2: variable DC voltage source from 0 to 10V maximum
  • IEEE-488 and RS-232C interfaces

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


      325 datasheet                                             Read more on Lake Shore's website