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Stanford DS345 30MHz Function Generator

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Stanford DS345 30MHz Function Generator

Stanford Research Systems

The DS345 function generator from Stanford Research Systems is a full featured, 30MHz instrument that uses an innovative Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) architecture. It generates many standard waveforms with excellent resolution (1µHz), and has versatile modulation capabilites including AM, FM, Burst, PM and frequency sweeps. It also generates arbitrary waveforms with a fast 40 Msamples/s update rate.


  • 1µHz to 30.2MHz frequency range
  • 1µHz frequency resolution
  • Sine, square, ramp, triangle and noise
  • Phase continuous frequency sweeps
  • AM, FM, burst and phase modulation
  • 16,300 point arbitrary waveforms
  • 10MHz reference input
  • Optional RS232 and GPIB interfaces

Additional useful connectors are provided on the rear panel. A triger input is used to trigger arbitrary waveforms, modulation patterns, sweeps and bursts, while a TTL trigger output is provided to allow synchronisation of external devices to sweeps and bursts. A sweep output generates a 0 to 10V ramp synchronous with frequency sweeps. The sweep marker outputs allow specified portions of a frequency sweep to be highlighted on an oscilloscope.

A 10MHz read-panel input allows the DS345 to be synchronised to an external timebase. A 10MHz rear-panel output allows multiple DS345's to be phase locked.


            DS345 datasheet                                           Read more on Stanford's website