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Stanford SR785 100kHz Dynamic Signal Analyser

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Stanford SR785 100kHz Dynamic Signal Analyser

Stanford Research Systems

The SR785 Two-Channel Dynamic Signal Analyser is a precision, full-featured signal analyser that offers state-of-the-art performance at a price that's less than half that of competitive analysers. Building on its predecessor, the SR780, the SR785 incorporates new firmware and hardware that make it the ideal instrument for analysing both mechanical and electrical systems. For measurements involving servo systems, control systems, acoustics, vibration testing, modal analysis, or machinery diagnostics, the SR785 has the features and specifications to get the job done.


  • DC to 102.4kHz bandwidth
  • 90dB dynamic range
  • 145dB dynamic range in swept-sine mode
  • Order tracking
  • 20-pole/20-zero curve fitting
  • Real-time octave analysis
  • Up to 32Mb memory
  • GPIB and RS232 interfaces

A unique measurement architecture allows the SR785 to function as a typical dual-channel analyser with measurements like cross spectrum, frequency response, coherence etc. Alternatively, the instrument can be configured so that each input channel functions as a single-channel analyser with its own span, centre frequency, resolution and averaging. This allows you to view a wide-band spectrum and simultaneously zoom in on spectral details. The same advanced architecture provides storage of all measurement building blocks and averaging modes. Vector averaged, rms averaged, unaveraged, and peak hold versions of all measurements are simultaneously acquired and can be displayed without re-taking data.


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