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Stanford IGC100 Vacuum Gauge Controller

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Stanford IGC100 Vacuum Gauge Controller

Stanford Research Systems

The IGC100 is a high-accuracy vacuum gauge controller that offers pressure measurement and process automation never before available in a single instrument. It measures pressure from Bayard-Alpert ionisation gauges, convection-enhanced Pirani gauges and capacitance manometers providing uninterrupted pressure readings from 1000 Torr to UHV. It has a touchscreen that can display data in a variety of formats including pressure versus time curves. There are built-in relays for process control and several multipurpose input/output ports. The IGC100 is also fully web-ready. Now you can monitor and control your vacuum system from the lab, your home or anywhere in the world.


  • 1000 Torr to UHV range
  • Highly accurate, stable controller
  • Pressure vs time curves
  • 4 analog input/output ports
  • RS232 interface
  • 8-channel process control (opt)
  • GPIB and Web interfaces (opt)

Bayard-Alpert Ionisation Gauges
Stanford offers three types of gauges for the IGC100 Ion Gauge Controller: glass tubulated, nude, and nude-UHV Bayard Alpert ionisation gauges. All single, hair-pin filaments used in Stanford's gauges are spring tensioned to eliminated filament sag. This allows the user to mount the gauge in any orientation. Dual-filament assemblies provide security against filament burnout. Stanford offers NIST traveable calibration on all of the gauges they supply. Calibration data is stored on a memory card, and is used in conjunciton with the IGC100 Ion Gauge Controller. Two levels are offered, a 6% full-range calibration and a high-pressure 3% calibration.

Convection-Enhanced Pirani Gauge
The PG108 is an all-metal, convection-enhanced Irani gauge, featuring a knife-edge copper gasket seal. The gauge has a bakeout range to 150°C allowing complete compatibility with UHV environments.


  • 1000 Torr to 10-4 Torr range
  • UHV compatible
  • Bakeable to 150°C
  • Fast response time
  • Compatible with IGC100 controller


          ICG100 datasheet                                          Read more on Stanford's website