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Stanford OptiMelt MPA100 Automated Melting Point System

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Stanford OptiMelt MPA100 Automated Melting Point System

Stanford Research Systems

The OptiMelt provides a fast and accurate means of automatically determining the melting points and melting ranges of chemical substances. With microprocessor-controlled temperature ramping, a built-in digital camera, and a selling price that is half that of competing models, OptiMelt offers the best value of any commerically available melting point apparatus.


  • Accuate measurements of melting point and melting ranges
  • Automatic and visual determination
  • PID-controlled temperature ramping
  • Digital movie of each melt
  • Stand-alone operation and computer control (USB)
  • Conforms to Pharmacopeia and GLP
  • Printer output

Up to three samples can be analysed simultaneously. A wide observation window, with an illuminated magnification lens, allows users to observe the sample at all times. A small aluminium heating block is kept under tight computer temperature control, providing extremely linear temperature ramping. A precision Pt RTD sensor provides fast and accurate temperature readings from room temperature to 400°C, with 0.1°C resolution.

OptiMelt is specifically designed for unattended operation. It has a built-in digital camera that continuously captures real-time images of the samples, and it uses digital image processing to determine results. The melting points and melting ranges are prominently displayed on the front panel and automatically recorded into memory for later review.


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