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Stanford QCM100 and QCM200 Quartz Crystal Microbalance

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Stanford QCM100 and QCM200 Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Stanford Research Systems

The QCM100 is a low cost quartz crystal microbalance system designed for real-time mass and viscosity measurements in processes occurring at or near surfaces, or within thin films. It comes with controller, oscillator electronics, crystal holder and three quartz crystals. An external frequency counter and precision voltmeter (not included) are needed to complete the QCM measurement setup.

The QCM series measure the resonant frequency and resistance of an AT-cut quartz crystal. The resonant frequency changes as a linear function of the mass of material deposited on the crystal surface. The resistance at resonance changes with the viscoelasticity of the material (film or liquid) in contact with the crystal's face.


  • Frequency and resistance outputs
  • Reads highly loaded crystals (up to 5kΩ)
  • Transformer-isolated crystal
  • Simple shunt-capacitance cancellation
  • No network-impedance analysis necessary

The QCM200 offers all the features of the QCM100 listed above, however it includes additionally a RS232 interface and comes with both Windows and Mac software to provide a real-time analysis of your samples. Both frequency and resistance trends can be viewed.


QCM100 and QCM200 datasheet                            Read more on Stanford's website