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APE FemtoControl Pulse Compressor

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APE FemtoControl Pulse Compressor

For optimising the length of femtosecond pulses in an easy and efficient way


APE has developed the compact pulse compressor FemtoControl for optimising the length of femtosecond pulses in an easy and efficient way. Pulse compression is indispensable wherever laser pulses experience strong dispersion passing through a lot of optical material, eg, a microscope. The result is immense temporal broadening of the pulse and therefore a change and possibly a deterioration of the measuring conditions in applications like 2-photon-microscopy.

The functioning of the FemtoControl is that of a 2-prism pulse compressor. It allows the user to efficiently control the length of femtosecond pulses remotely. Without readjustment or changing the prism distance the instrument features continuously variable compensation of negative as well as positive dispersion of Ti:S laser pulses from 700nm to 930nm with input lengths from 80fs to 200fs. Material dispersion in a MPE microscope of around 13 000 fs2, for example, causes a broadening of a 100fs pulse to 370fs at 800nm. By motorised positioning of two prisms FemtoControl generates a negative angle dispersion which then compensates the positive GVD (Group Velocity Dispersion) of the MPE optics. There the pulse shows its original length of 100fs at the position of the probe.


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