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APE PulseSlicer Pulse Shaper

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APE PulseSlicer Pulse Shaper

An economic solution for narrowing broadband laser pulses by spectral cutting


Often there is a need for a variable bandwidth or pulse duration of an ultrashort laser pulse, but the standard laser sources generate fixed or slightly variable pulses only. The PulseSlicer is an economic solution for narrowing such broadband laser pulses by spectral cutting.

An optical system splits the pulse spectrally and with a mask at that point the transmitted spectrum can be controlled.

With the narrowing of the spectrum the pulse duration is modified accordingly, resulting in longer pulses. Of course the transmitted power is reduced proportional to the amount of spectral cutting, but many applications do not require high power levels as supplied from the comtemporary laser sources.

  • Easily variable output bandwidth/pulse duration
  • Economic solution for narrowing broadband laser pulses


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