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APE PulseSwitch Cavity Dumper

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APE PulseSwitch Cavity Dumper

Intra-cavity acousto-optical switch for reducing the pulse repetition rate of mode-locked laser systems


The APE PulseSwitch is an acousto-optical switch for reducing the pulse repetition rate of modelocked laser systems, while at the same time increasing pulse energy. This is especially effective in combination with nonlinear processes like SHG and THG. In comparison to normal pulse pickers, it is integrated into the laser resonator for intracavity operation. The APE PulseSwitch has been developed for the Coherent Mira 900F. For use with other femtosecond Ti:S laser systems, please contact us.

The PulseSwitch reaches pulse energies of more than 500nJ (@500kHz, 800nm), a multiple of the pulse energies usually reached with CW modelocked Ti:S lasers. Pulse repetition rates can be selected between 200Hz to 9MHz. An external trigger offers the possibility of even lower repetition rates down to single shot. The spectral range of the system is tunable from 700nm to 1000nm. For the range 700nm to 900nm a pump source of only 5W is necessary in order to achieve maximum pulse energy.

As an option for picosecond operation of the Ti:S laser, the PulseSwitch can also be operated as a pulse picker. Switching between the two operation modes is easy and doesn't take much time.


      PulseSwitch datasheet                                              Read more on APE's website