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APE FC Spider Phase Resolved Pulse Measurement

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APE FC Spider Phase Resolved Pulse Measurement

Precise characterisation of very short pulses down to <5fs


The FC (Few Cycle) Spider is a precision tool for complete spectral and temporal characterisation of ultrashort laser pulses down to sub 5fs. It covers both the red and near infrared range, and visible wavelength region with the FC Spider VIS.


  • Short pulse characterisation down to <5fs
  • Spectral coverage in the IR range and VIS range
  • Real-time and single-short measurement of phase and intensity
  • High level of automated software support and internal camera-assisted alignment
  • Full software suite included
  • Ideal for broadband Ti:S oscillators, hollow-core fibre compressors, and NOPA

The FC Spider is the ideal for aligning and monitoring the performance of broadband Ti:Sapphire oscillators and amplifier chains with bandwidths larger than 30 nm.

The FC Spider VIS supports the visible spectral region down to 450nm, suitable for characterisation of e.g. nonlinear optical parametric amplifiers (NOPA)

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.



FC SPIDER datasheet                                                     Read more on APE's website