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APE WaveScan Laser Spectrometer

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APE WaveScan Laser Spectrometer

High resolution spectral analysis


The waveScan by APE is a compact and cost-efficient optical spectrum analyser for ultrafast laser systems, delivering rapid measurements at high resolutions. The rotating grating technology achieves high scan rates, making it an ideal real-time alignment tool for mode-locked laser systems. Different configurations, from 200nm to 6.3µm in the mid-infrared range, make waveScan the choice for analysing the spectrum of different laser types. As an option, waveScan is available with an interchangeable fibre input in addition to a free-space input. Whether you need fast scan rates for adjustment or high resolution, combined with convenient measurement control and data processing - waveScan is the ideal solution.


  • High spectral resolution up to 0.05nm depending on the configuration
  • Wavelength ranges available from 200nm - 6300nm (UV/VIS/NIR/MIR)
  • Compact and robust design
  • Free-space or fibre input options
  • Easy to use - plug and play via USB connection; software included

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


    WaveScan datasheet                                       Read more on APE's website