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Bristol 428 Optical Wavelength Meter

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Bristol 428 Optical Wavelength Meter

Test your DWDM signals with the confidence that results from reliable accuracy

Bristol Instruments

The 428 Series Multi-Wavelength meter combines proven Michelson interferometer-based technology with fast Fourier transform analysis in order to measure the wavelength, power and OSNR of as many as 1000 discrete optical signals. With features such as high accuracy, straightforward operation, and rugged design, the model 428 satisfies the needs of both the R&D scientist and the manufacturing engineer.


  • Simultaneously measures wavelength and power of up to 1000 optical signals
  • Optical wavelength measured to an accuracy as high as +/-0.3pm
  • Continuous calibration with a built-in wavelength standard
  • Measurement confidence level of >99.7%
  • Traceable to NIST standards
  • Power measured to an accuracy of ± 0.5dB
  • Automatic calculation of OSNR to >40dB
  • Operation from 1270 to 1650nm covers the important C and L optical bands
  • Measurement rate of 4Hz
  • High sensitivity of -40dBm (0.1µW) with automatic electronic gain control
  • Operates with CW and modulated signals
  • Convenient front panel display reports measurement data in a variety of formats
  • Interfacing via SCPI using USB, Ethernet or GPIB
  • Rugged design for manufacturing environments

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

Range1270 - 1650nm (183 - 236 THz)
Wavelength Accuracy+/- 0.3 pm
(+/- 0.3pm at 1550nm)
+/- 1.0 pm
(+/- 1.2pm at 1550nm)
Minimum Resolvable Spectrum10GHz, equal power lines input
Continuous with built-in stabilised single-frequency HeNe laserContinuous with built-in standard HeNe laser
Unitsnm or cm-1 (vacuum or standard air), THz


      428 datasheet                                                  Read more on Bristol's website