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Spectra Gases F7140 Brass Two-Stage Regulator

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Spectra Gases F7140 Brass Two-Stage Regulator

Spectra Gases

The F7140 series two stage, high purity regulators are designed for non-corrosive analytical and process applications requiring precise, stable delivery pressure control. The two stage design yields a delivery pressure change of less than 0.04/100psi inlet change. The regulators' convoluted stainless steel disphragms provide excellent regulating characteristics and allow for internal purging. The metal-to-metal diaphragm seal prevents contamination by eliminating the need for a soft seal, and provides a leak-rate design of less than 2 x 10-8 ccs helium. This minimises cleanup time when purging and yields lower residual contaminant levels.


  • Convoluted stainless steel diaphragms - provides superior leak integrity without contamination from non-metallic liner or seal
  • Bonnet vent ports - permits venting of hazardous gases
  • Standard threaded bonnet - permits panel mounting
  • Diaphragm packless valve - promotes system purity


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