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Spectra Gases Semiconductor Pure Gases

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Spectra Gases Semiconductor Pure Gases

Spectra Gases

Spectra Gases employ a unique manufacturing process to provide the finest gases, with a purity higher than other specialty gas manufaturers. They utilise the latest cutting edge technology on all of their pure gases and unique lithography gas mixtures that semiconductor manufacturers rely on to keep their products ahead of the curve. Spectra's intricate production process simply cannot be duplicated by other specialty gas manufacturers.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Tetrafluoride and Carbon Tetrafluoride (ULSI grade)

Deuterated Ammonia Gas

Deuterated Silane Gas

Deuterium Gas

Difluoromethane Gas

Nitric Oxide Gas

Nitrogen Trifluoride Gas and Nitrogen Trifluoride Gas (ULSI grade)

Sulphur Hexafluoride Gas

Trifluoromethane Gas

Click to download the pdf from Spectra Gases website to check the grade/purity which is available for each gas and the cylinder information or contact us.

MSDS's are available for the all the gases manufactured by Spectra Gases website.