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Spectra Gases 6400 Series Gas Detector

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Spectra Gases 6400 Series Gas Detector

Spectra Gases

The Series F6400 Gas Detector warns users of hazardous atmosphere. When incorporated with an emergency shutdown system, the Series F6400 Gas Detector can turn off the supply of hazardous gas if a leak is detected. The Series 6400 Gas Detector is a simple to use, all-in-one package. It comes complete with sensors and receiver/alarm modules, pre-calibrated and ready to plug in.


  • Two adjustable alarms per sensor
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick detection
  • Easy installation
  • Sensors have excellent zero stability
  • Battery backup option
  • 4-20mA signal output

            F6401 single channel                                                F6402 dual channel


             F6400 datasheet                                  Read more on Spectra's Gases website