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Stanford SR470, SR474 Optical Shutter Systems

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Stanford SR470, SR474 Optical Shutter Systems

Stanford Research Systems

Stanford Research Systems offer two new optical shutter systems - the SR470 laser shutter controller and SR474 four-channel laser shutter driver. These shutter systems are designed specifically to minimise vibration on your optical table. The shutter head itself is unique, and supported by one of two available controller models. The SR470 provides timing signals to a single shutter head, while the multi-channel SR474 drives up to four shutter heads, and is controlled by external timing signals.


  • Ultra-low vibration shutter head
  • True mechanical laser beam blocking
  • >10M cycle lifetime
  • Microprocessor controlled timing
  • DC to 125Hz (and duty cyle)
  • Easy to align 3mm aperture (SR475)
  • GPIB, RS232, Ethernet interfaces

Unlike conventional solenoid based shutters, the SR475 and SR476 shutter heads contains a closed-loop DSP control system that precisely guides the shutter blade between open and closed positions, never encountering physical stops. Vibration and mechanical noise are kept to a minimum, leaving your optical table disturbance-free.

The shutter blade is mounted between sapphire jewel bearings that minimise friction and result in a head lifetime in excess of 10M cycles - orders of magnitude more than is typically found in shutter heads.


  SR470 and SR474 datasheet                                 Read more on Stanford's website