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Coherent PowerMax-Pro kW Sensors

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Coherent PowerMax-Pro kW Sensors

Average power up to 3kW


PowerMax-Pro laser detectors have been enhanced to enable multi-kW continuous power measurement of laser beams. PowerMax-Pro detectors, first introduced in 2014, are based on Coherent's proprietary thin film sensor technology that combines the broad wavelength sensitivity, dynamic range and laser damage resistance of a thermopile, with the response speed of a semi-conductor photodiode. These sensors are compatible with the LabMax-Pro SSIM meter that has software available for both desktop and mobile platforms.

Traditional thermopile detectors typically take at least sixty seconds for a stable kilowatt power reading. PowerMax-Pro accomplishes this measurement within microseconds with no overshoot, saving significant time for engineers, production and QA staff, and enables increased throughput when built into systems.


  • Very fast 30µs response time
  • Measures high average power to 3kW
  • Large 30mm active area
  • Less than 1% back reflection
  • QBH adapter available

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


PowerMax-Pro kW datasheet                                   Read more on Coherent's website