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Coherent HELIOS Short-pulsed Q-switched Laser

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Coherent HELIOS Short-pulsed Q-switched Laser

Coherent HELIOS Short-pulsed Q-switched Laser

Picosecond precision in a variety of micromachining and microelectronics applications


The high peak power from pulse durations as low as a few hundred picoseconds allows HELIOS to deliver an effective number of photons to the sample. The laser pulse is also delivered with high precision in timing due to its electro-optical Q-switch. This Q-switch is faster and more precise in switching than standard acousto-optical devices found in competitive technology. The digital controller design is easy and cost efficient to integrate into OEM designs. Combine this with rugged design and components from Coherent's vertical supply chain, and this makes HELIOS the low cost of ownership solution in micromachining and microelectronics applications.


  • Diode-pumped solid-state laser
  • Picosecond actively Q-switched laser
  • Wavelength IR (VIS and UV upon request)
  • Single pulse trigger
  • High repetition frequencies
  • Superior reliability and ruggedness
  • High volume OEM applications
  • Low cost of ownership  

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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