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Daylight Solutions Hedgehog CW/Pulsed Mid-IR Laser

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Daylight Solutions Hedgehog CW/Pulsed Mid-IR Laser

Unique fast-scan CW or pulsed mid-IR laser, tunes up to 400cm-1 .(1000cm-1/s)

Daylight Solutions

Molecular spectroscopy applications benefit from rapid, high Signal-to-Noise Ratio data acquisition. This demands fast-scan mid-IR lasers delivering high-quality light. Until now, high tuning speed has come with compromises. The new Hedgehog from Daylight Solutions changes this. For the first time, fast and broad tuning (>1000cm-1), and high-fidelity output is available from a compact, robust mid-IR lasers.

Hedgehog is built on Daylight's field-proven Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) technology. Available centre wavelengths span the mid-IR spectrum from <4 to >13µm, and Hedgehog can operate in pulsed or CW modes. Hedgehog is highly optimised for mid-IR spectroscopy, and model options include: high power, broad tuning, high wavelength repeatability, narrow linewidth, low noise and multiple tuning modes.

Hedgehog's small size and rugged design make it ideally suited to either laboratory use or OEM integration. Each Hedgehog is shipped with an easy-to-use, compact SideKickTM multi-function QCL controller. All control functionality is via USB/Ethernet connectivity and an included GUI and SDK command set. Daylight's proprietary HFQDTM (High-Fidelity QCL Drive) circuitry also protects your QCL chip.

Download the datasheet or read more on Daylight's website.