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Daylight Solutions MIRcat Ultra-Broadly Tunable Mid-IR Laser

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Daylight Solutions MIRcat Ultra-Broadly Tunable Mid-IR Laser

Introducing the New MIRcat - an Ultra-Broadly Tunable Mid-IR Laser System with Industry-leading Tuning Range in the Important 'Fingerprint' Region

Daylight Solutions

With a tuning range of up to ~800cm-1 (~6000nm) MIRcat provides users with the broadest tuning of any mid-IR quantum cascade laser (QCL) source commercially available. Incorporating up to four widely tunable laser modules in a single, sealed laser head, MIRcat switches effortlessly between these modules to provide a single, high quality, highly collimated output beam.

A true one-box system with an integrated controller and a sealed, hands-free and alignment-free laser head, MIRcat’s modularity allows users to select tunable laser modules from an extensive library spanning a wavelength range of ~3-13µm. In addition to ultra-broad wavelength coverage from a single box, MIRcat delivers: high output power; superb beam pointing stability and mode quality; and narrow linewidths. Taking mid-IR QCL systems to new price: performance levels, MIRcat brings new performance capabilities to a broad range of applications, including: spectroscopic imaging; standoff explosive detection; hyperspectral imaging for medical diagnosis; microscopy; spectroscopy; and food safety and contamination detection.

Spectroscopy and imaging measurements are now easier, faster and more cost-effective than ever before.

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MIRcat datasheet