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Coherent GeoLasHD Solid Sampling System

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Coherent GeoLasHD Solid Sampling System

Coherent GeoLasHD Solid Sampling System

Solid sampling UV excimer system for LA-ICP-MS


The GeoLasPro solid sampling system for LA-ICP-MS from Coherent Inc provides unmatched energy densities ranging from below 1 J/cm2 up to 45 J/cm2 for material-independent solid sampling. GeoLasPro utilises sophisticated homogenising optics to ensure accurate and shallow depth control, along with flat-bottom craters. Using 193nm wavelength in solid sampling produces smaller particle sizes, highest signal intensities and lowest intrinsic fractionation due to optimum material-light interaction. GeoLasPro has a rigid design which is virtually maintenance-free and allows the user to focus on the work at hand.


  • Ultrashort 193nm wavelength for clea ablation in every material
  • Schwarzschild ablation objective enabling widest fluence range at superior crater bottom flatness
  • HD camera and EAGLE software package for wide area sample inspection with micro resolution
  • Multi-format sample cell with fast washout time to deliver stable and assignable ICP-MS signals
  • Sub-micron precision xyz stage and bidirectional control of mass spectrometer to provide the highest process control
For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


Operating Wavelength (nm) 193
Size on the Sample (µm) 2 to 160
Homogeneity (2 sigma) <+/-1%
Maximum Energy Density Spot sizes 4 to 120µm: 45J/cm2
Spot sizes >120 to 160µm: 35J/cm2
Range of Energy Density <1J/cm2 to 45J/cm2



        GeoLasPro Datasheet                                     Read more on Coherent Inc's website


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