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Stanford NL100 Nitrogen Laser

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Stanford NL100 Nitrogen Laser

Stanford Research Systems

Stanford's NL100 nitrogen laser is a compact and highly economical laser with pulsed UV output at a wavelength of 337nm.

The NL100 is ideal for fluorescence measurements, MALDI-TOF mass spectrometers and other experiments requiring pulsed UV light. It provides 3.5ns pulses at 337nm, with repetition rates up to 20Hz. The pulsed energy is 170uJ, which results in a peak power of 45kW and an average power of 3mW.

The NL100 can be triggered internally or externally at rates up to 20Hz. It can also provide a sync output pulse (optional) derived from the laser pulse for experiments or systems where sub-nanosecond accuracy is critical.

No mirror alignment is ever necessary, as the laser optics are mounted on the plasma tube and aligned at the factory.


  • 337nm wavelength
  • 170uJ pulse energy
  • Internal or external triggering to 20Hz
  • No mirror alignment necessary
  • TTL level sync output pulse (optional)

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


           NL100 Datasheet                                    Click to read more on Stanford's website