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Quantel Q-scan Dye Laser

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Quantel Q-scan Dye Laser

Extreme wavelength accuracy and reproducibility


The Q-scan is a high resolution nanosecond dye laser with output ranging from 200nm to 4.5µm. Ultra-high precision mechanics ensure extreme wavelength accuracy and makes this laser ideal for combustion and high resolution spectroscopy applications. The Q-scan’s exceptional linearity (< 2pm) ensures highest wavelength accuracy during scan. Quick change, "Plug & Play" dye cells and integrated look-up tables for non linear crystals means that wide wavelength scans are quick and easy. Combined with the Q-smart Nd:YAG pump laser, the Q-scan offers unprecedented ease of use in the smallest package on the market.


  • Extreme wavelength accuracy and reproducibility
  • High efficiency - Excellent beam quality
  • Quick dye change with plug and play dye cells
  • Easy scan with integrated look-up tables for NLO's
  • Integrated beam deviation compensator
  • Fully integrated system with Nd:YAG pump lasers

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