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Coherent Legend Elite Cryo PA Amplifier

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Coherent Legend Elite Cryo PA Amplifier

Coherent Legend Elite Cryo PA Amplifier

Power amplifier that can increase the pulse energy output of the Legend Elite amplifiers to more than 20mJ


For the very high power levels achieved in this system, the power amplifier utilizes cryogenic cooling for best efficiencies and beam quality at kHz repetition-rates. The Legend Elite Cryo PA offers superior performance in various pulsewidths and repetition-rate (1, 5 or 10 kHz) configurations. The integrated green pump laser Evolution is at the core of the Legend Elite Cryo PA enabling stability and reliability.

  • High pulse energies of >20mJ
  • Variety of pulse duration options to <30fs available
  • Integrated Revolution pump laser for superior stability (0.75% rms noise)
  • Multiple interlocks for vacuum, temperature, power and safety protection
  • High efficiency and compact remotely controlled optical compressor
  • Electronics ready for complete computer control

For a complete system setup the output from one of the standard Legend regenerative amplifiers is directly imaged to the two-pass cryogenic amplifier without the need for spatial filters or saturable absorbers. This amplifier takes advantage of the high power amplification capabilities of cryogenically cooled Ti:Sapphire technology. A proprietary vacuum cryogenic chamber manages the thermal conditions of the Ti:S crystal providing the best beam quality available. The use of a single multi-pass amplifier offers exceptional beam quality and is a more compact, straightforward laser than the traditional multi-stage amplifier.

The final compressor is an integral part of the amplifier and uses Coherent Inc's terawatt experience and features master gratings with excellent efficiency to provide minimal distortions of the compressed beam. The resulting beam has an M2 measurement at better than 1.4 with superior symmetry.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


Legent-Elite Cryo PA datasheet                             Read more on Coherent Inc's website

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