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APE OPO PP Auto FAN Synchronously Pumped OPO

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APE OPO PP Auto FAN Synchronously Pumped OPO

Synchronously pumped OPO pumped by a mode-locked ps or fs Ti:S laser


The OPO PP Auto FAN is a synchronously pumped optical parametric oscillator (OPO) designed to be pumped by a mode-locked ps- or fs- Ti:S laser. The OPO crystal is a periodically poled (PP) crystal with a FAN structure, which enables a high conversion efficiency was well as a large tunign range from a single crystal.


  • Independent tunable pump- and Signal wavelengths
  • Access of the complete tuning range without exchange of the crystal
  • Integrated spectrometer
  • Computer controller tuning
  • fs- and ps-operation
  • Low pump threshold
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Wavelength independent pulse width
  • Jitterfree generation of pulses
  • High stability
  • Easy alignment

Because of the FAN structure the Signal wavelength can be tuned independently of the pump wavelength in the range of the pump wavelength from 740 - 880nm. This enables a maximum flexibility of simultaneous available wavelengths for the experiment as well as to the access of the full tuning range from 1000-1500nm without any need to change the crystal. Optionally an idler beam is accessible with a wavelength from 1750-4000nm.

The version OPO PP Auto FAN VIS with a ring resonator allows a highly efficient intra-cavity frequency doubling into the wavelength range from 505-740nm.


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