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Aerotech Soloist Motion Controller

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Aerotech Soloist Motion Controller

Single-axis servo controller


Aerotech’s Soloist® is a single-axis servo controller that combines a power supply, amplifier and position controller in a single package. The Soloist can control up to five tasks simultaneously, as well as handle variables and manage I/O, making it well-suited for demanding production applications.


  • Positioning control for brushless, DC brush-type or stepping motors
  • Available in models up to 150 A peak current
  • Ethernet, USB or RS-232 connectivity
  • Digital current loop
  • Integral shunt resistor network or optional external shunt
  • Optional encoder multiplier (opto x1000)
  • CE approval
  • Linear amplifier (HLe, CL, ML) for low noise, ultra-high-performance applications
  • Runs brushless servo, brush, stepper or voice coil

The Soloist has high-speed position latch inputs and advanced data logging capabilities, making it ideal for laboratory and test instrument applications. The advanced software architecture shortens customer development time while including support for C#, VB.Net, LabVIEW® and MATLAB®, combined with our full IDE and multitasking operating system. Host-mode operation allows you to send commands with your PC via Ethernet or USB for immediate execution, while Ethernet or USB also permit networked Soloists for multi-axis sequenced motion and I/O passing.

The Soloist has three PWM form factors (HPe, CP, MP). The Soloist MP offers the same advanced software as the CP but in a smaller package designed for OEMs that can supply bus power from existing power supplies. The Soloist HPe can be used for larger systems requiring up to 150A peak current.

The Soloist has three linear-drive form factors (HLe, CL, ML) that are ideal for higher precision applications. The Soloist CL with linear power stage is available for low noise and ultra-high-performance applications. This controller is ideal for high bandwidth requirements and maintains superb linearity and zero crossover distortion. For example, applications that have many motion reversals and that require high position accuracy will benefit from using the Soloist CL. The Soloist HLe provides the same ultra-high linear amplifier performance as the CL, but also includes higher peak and continuous current output along with additional features and options. The Soloist ML provides a very small package linear power stage for high position-accuracy applications.

The IDE software shares a common theme with other Aerotech software products providing the user with a clear, easy-to-use platform. This Windows®-based interface provides powerful diagnostic, development and analysis tools for OEMs and end-users alike.


Soloist datasheet                                                      Read more on Aerotech's website

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