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Bruker NanoForce Nanomechanical Testing System

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Bruker NanoForce Nanomechanical Testing System

Rapid, Flexible and Highly Accurate Mechanical Testing

Bruker NanoSurfaces

In the NanoForceâ„¢ Nanomechanical Testing System, Bruker has combined the superlative capabilities of its industry-leading micro and nano mechanical testers with the outstanding imaging and nanoscale characterisation abilities of atomic force microscopy (AFM).


  • Decades of design excellence form the foundation for customer-centric, high performance
  • Innovative hardware and software, including ultra-low load capability, dynamic testing, and AFM imaging, ensure highly accurate test results
  • Superior system design includes real-time control of all environmental variables during testing
  • Intrinsic flexibility in an all-inclusive test system—no extra add-ons or accessories to purchase
  • User-friendly software and an intuitive GUI provide a fast, easy path to accurate data

NanoForce offers the most advanced technology in quasistatic and dynamic indentation capabilities, plus additional functionality unique to AFM, with the most user-friendly, feature-rich design available in a nanomechanical testing system. This powerful combination results in unprecedented ability from a single tool: high precision demanded for nanoscale investigation along with detailed and accurate nanoscale properties characterisation, plus the flexibility, ruggedness, and reliability needed for mechanical testing. With NanoForce you get nanomechanical testing capabilities that go far beyond nanoindentation, enabling real innovations in materials science.

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