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Semrock MaxLamp Mercury Line Filters

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Semrock MaxLamp Mercury Line Filters

Extensive selection. Custom-sized filters are available in two days.


Ultrahigh-performance MaxLamp mercury line filters from Semrock are ideal for use with high-power mercury arc lamps for applications including spectroscopy, optical metrology and photolithography mask-aligner and stepper systems.

Maximum throughput is obtained by careful optimisation of the filter design to allow for use in a variety of different applications. The non-absorbing blocking ensures that all other mercury lines as well as intra-line intensity are effectively eliminated.

  • High transmission >65% in the UV and >93% in the Near-UV
  • Steep edges for quick transitions
  • Exceptional blocking over large portions of visible spectrum

All standard products are in stock at Semrock and have a 1-2 week delivery time to Australia and New Zealand. Filters with non-standard sizes are available in one week.

Click here to go to Semrock's website for a full list of mercury line filters. Prices listed are in US$ and do not include any delivery charges or taxes to Australia and New Zealand. Contact us for further information.


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