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Semrock PulseLine Femtosecond Optics

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Semrock PulseLine Femtosecond Optics

Family of optics that are specifically designed for femtosecond pulsed laser applications


Ultrafast lasers are a very powerful tool for light microscopy and laser science applications. Femtosecond pulses of light are naturally dispersed when transmitted or reflected by an optic resulting in a reduction in peak power. Quantifying and controlling optical dispersion are important criteria to maintain pulse performance.

Semrock is proud to announce the introduction of the PulseLineTM family of optics that are specifically designed for femtosecond laser applications.


The FS01-S-pol and FS01-P-pol mirrors are >99.2% reflective with quantified and repeatable Group Delay Dispersion (GDD) characteristics. These mirrors are also manufactured using IBS hard coated technology for maximum durability and feature high reflectivity, low dispersion and an exceptionally high laser damage thresholds. Third party measurements using 20ns pulsed light at 1064nm revealed values in excess of 20J/cm2.

They are ideal for applications where femtosecond laser beams need to be guided from the output of the laser head to the sample, and are especially useful in multiphoton microscopy and femtosecond laser spectroscopy. These are ideal for covering the full Ti:S laser tuning range of 680-1080nm.


PulseLine™ 45° beamsplitters are IBS-coated for maximum durability, featuring four splitting ratios while exhibiting very low dispersion and a high laser damage threshold over a broad wavelength range.

Dispersion compensated beamsplitters are optimised for Reflection/Transmission ratios of 10/90, 20/80, 30/70 and 50/50 over the wavelength range 650-1100nm, making them ideally suited for use with broadly tunable Ti:Sapphire laser and Ytterbium based femtosecond lasers.


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