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Andor iXon SRRF-Stream Super Resolution

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Andor iXon SRRF-Stream Super Resolution

Andor iXon SRRF-Stream Super Resolution

New real time super-resolution microscopy functionality


Andor SRRF-Stream is a real-time super-resolution microscopy module that is offered as an extension of iXon Life and iXon Ultra EMCCD camera funcitonality. SRRF-stream presents a powerful super-resolution approach that is also widely accessible, being (a) applicable to most existing modern fluorescence microscopes, and (b) compatible with conventional fluorophores, such as fluorescent proteins. That is to say, with SRRF-Stream there is no requirement to use specialised photo-switchable fluorophores as is typically required for localisation super-resolution approaches.


  • Real Time - enhanced workflow, avoids post-processing
  • Super-Resolution - 2 to 6 fold improvement (50-150nm final resolution)
  • Low Excitation Intensities (mW-W/cm2) - prolonged live cell observations and accurate physiology
  • Conventional Fluorophores, e.g. GFP - simple labelling, no photo-switching required
  • Live Cell Dynamics - full FOV images every 1-2 secs. Smaller ROI sizes can readily achieve super-resolution at >10Hz
  • Cost-Effective - convert conventional fluorescence microscopes to super-resolution microscopes: widefield, TIRF, confocal

The resolving power of SRRF-Stream is excellent, yielding a resolution improvement from 2- to 6-fold (50-150nm final resolution) for most datasets.

SRRF-Stream super-resolution processing is done at a rate up to 30x faster than the ImageJ implmentation of SRRF, NanoJ-SRRF. Furthermore, SRRF-Stream processing is carried out in parallel with data acquisition, as opposed to being restricted to post-processing, resulting in a significant workflow advantage. SRRF-Stream images can be readily viewed via the Live Mode of the acquisiton software.

For further information please contact us or download the technical note.


SRRF-Stream Technical Note                                     Read more on Andor's website