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Semrock BrightLine Multiedge Dichroic Beamsplitter

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Semrock BrightLine Multiedge Dichroic Beamsplitter

Every Semrock filter is hard-coated for no burn-out performance. Ten year warranty.


These polarisation insensitive dichroic beamsplitters from Semrock for 45° angle-of-incidence exhibit steep edges with very high and flat reflection and transmission bands. More complete reflection and transmission mean less stray light for lower background and improved signal-to-noise ratio. These filters are optimised for fluorescence microscopes and instrumentation, and may also be used for a variety of other applications that require beam combining and separation based on wavelength. All dichoric filters on this page utilise Semrock's highly reliable hard-coating technology on ultralow-autofluorescence fused-silica substrates.

Beamsplitters with non-standard sizes are offered and have a one week lead time.

Click here to go to Semrock's website for a full list of BrightLine® Multiedge Dichroic Beamsplitters. Prices listed are in US$ and do not include any delivery charges or taxes to Australia and New Zealand. Most items are in stock at Semrock and can be delivered to Australia/New Zealand in 1-2 weeks. Contact us for further information.


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