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Nikon A1R HD High Definition Scanning Confocal Microscope

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Nikon A1R HD High Definition Scanning Confocal Microscope

Nikon A1R HD High Definition Scanning Confocal Microscope

Simultaneous photoactivation and imaging


Capturing high-quality confocal images at ultrahigh-speed and enhanced sensitivity with a resonant scanner and galvano scanner, Nikon's A1R+ is a powerful tool for the imaging and visualisation of intracellular dynamics and interaction.

NEW High Defintion1K Resonant Scanner: Nikon's new resonant scanner mounted in the A1R HD supports both high speed and high definition imaging. The wide dynamic range and reduced noise level raises the bar for iamge quality in resonant scanners.

Hybrid scanner for ultrafast photoactivation imaging: The A1R HD has a hybrid scan head that incorporates both an ultrahigh-speed resonant scanner and a high-resolution galvano scanner. Simultaneous photoactivation and ultrafast imaging using these two scanners allow acquisition of rapid changes after photoactivation and enables observation of intermolecular interaction.

High-resolution Imaging with a Galvano Scanner: The A1R HD's galvano scanner enables high-resolution imaging of up to 4096 x 4096 pixels. In addition, with its scanner driving and sampling systems, plus image correction technology, high-speed acquisition of 10fps (512 x 512 pixels) is also possible.

Bright Spectral Imaging: With a GaAsP PMT, the A1-DUVB tunable emission detector delivers flexible detection of fluorescent signals with higher sensitivity, in both the galvano and resonant imaging modalities.

Fast and Accurate Spectral Imaging: Acquisition of a 32-channel spectral image (512 x 512 pixels) with a single scan in 0.6 second is possible. Moreover, 512 x 32-pixel images can be captured at 24 fps.

Simple operationg of complex applications: NIS-Elements C control software enables integrated control of the confocal imaging system, microscope and peripheral devices with a simple and intuitive interface. Diverse reliable analysis functions are also available.

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