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CoolLED pE-100-WHT LED Light Source

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CoolLED pE-100-WHT LED Light Source

CoolLED pE-100-WHT LED Light Source

For transmitted light applications


The pE-100wht is a powerful white LED illumination system designed to replace a 100W halogen lamp. Histologists and cytologists who are familiar with results from a conventional halogen lamp can immediately make accurate and reliable diagnosis using the pE-100wht as colours will appear the same. Unlike a Halogen lamp, the colour balance of the pE-100wht illumination system does not vary with intensity, removing the need to make any adjustment. The many additional benefits which LEDs offer - mercury-free, instant on/off, control and repeatability - mean that laboratories using halogen lamps will find that the move to the pE-100wht is obvious and simple.


  • Spectral performance matched to 100W halogen - familiar images
  • No variation in colour across intensity range - no need to colour balance
  • Replaces 100W halogen lamp housing on most current and older microscopes - quick & easy exchange
  • No unwanted UV - reduced risk of eye damage
  • Instant on/off - no shutters required, no warm up or cool down
  • Simple to fit, simple to use - no need to align
  • Stable & repeatable - reliable and consistent results
  • Wide range of microscope adaptors - fits most microscopes
  • Precise intensity control in 1% steps (0-100%) - no ND filters required
  • Excellent uniformity over field of view - fixed and stable, no alignment necessary
  • Long lifetime - expected to exceed 60,000 hours of operating time

The pE-100wht is a compact and simple-to-use LED illumination system for transmitted light applications and comprises a pE-100wht LED Light Source, control pod, and power supply. The user is given instant on/off and intensity control in 1% steps from the manual control pod which can be positioned close at hand. Remote control is available via a TTL trigger.

The system uses a new LED technology which has a spectrum closely matching halogen. Previous LED technology offered illumination which was weak at longer wavelengths. This made the red element of images appear faint and caused colours to lose their clarity.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


pE-100wht datasheet                                                   Read more on CoolLED's website