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Nikon Intensilight Fibre Illumination System

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Nikon Intensilight Fibre Illumination System

Makes difficult lamp alignment a thing of the past


The Nikon Intensilight is a pre-centred fibre illumination system featuring a long life lamp that is easy to replace and never needs alignment. Intensilight offers no-flicker, stable light intensity and it can be controlled with Nikon's NIS-Elements software. Typical lamp lifetime is 2,000 hours, which is as much as 10x longer than conventional mercury lamps. In addition, the Intensilight's fibre connection means no heat or electrical noise is generated from the lamp and transferred to the microscope body.

  • DC Lighting for Constant Light Intensity
  • Shutter and Light Intensity Control
  • Precentred Lamp
  • Reduced Heat and Elelctrical Noise
  • Greatly Increased Brightness for Green Spectrum
  • Safety Measures
  • 2,000-hour Long-life Lamp
  • Motorised Model Available

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