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Schott EasyLED Light Source

Schott EasyLED Light Source

Standard illumination for stereo microscopy

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The EasyLED product line from Schott integrates advanced LED illumination with control functions in a single compact device.

It is the ideal standard illumination system for routine inspections and education.

The EasyLED Ringlight offers an extreme homogeneous and shadow free illumination in a robust metal housing and well designed heat sink to enable a maximum brightness of 140kLux with a long lifetime of at least 50,000 hours. Schott has developed and designed this multi LED light head to provide an attractive alternative to conventional cold light sources with fibre optics.

The EasyLED transmitted light stage offers an extreme homogeneous illumination in a robust metal housing and a Schott Opalika surface for all kinds of transparent specimen.

Due to its smart design, the EasyLED Spotlight Plus can be mounted to any microscope stand or pillar. The dimming control is ergonomically placed to the focus control of the microscope. The robust metal light head emits intensive 130lm and is equipped with special cooling lamellae that prevent the object that is being illuminated from heating up under the microscope with a long lifetime of at least 50,000 hours.

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