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Bioptechs Delta T Open Dish System

Bioptechs Delta T Open Dish System

Specifically designed for live-cell microscopy


The Bioptechs Delta TTM system is a micro-environmental control system used on microscopes to enable long term acquisition of high resolution, time-lapse images of cells. The Delta TTM is designed to simulate host conditions on the stage of a microscope and provide an optimal optical environment for microscope. This two-step system enables cells to be plated and observed without having to transfer them to another structure for imaging. The basic system components are, the Controller, a Stage Adapter, and Dishes. There are a variety of accessories for the DeltaTTM that enable it to be used with nearly any specimen type.

  • Easily adapted to a variety of specimen types from monolayered adherent cells to brain slice and tissue preps.
  • Low mass to thermo-regulate as opposed to conventional stage heaters.
  • Plate, incubate and observe without the need to transfer your cells.
  • Fast thermal recovery after perfusion (within seconds)
  • Compatible with inverted and upright microscope stands
  • Coverglass bottom for optimum optical compatibility
  • No need for warm air blowers or stage heaters
  • Direct first-surface heating to your cells
  • Can also be cooled below ambient
  • Perfusion available
  • No preheating

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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